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5 Reasons Companies Need to Have a Relationship with a Local Realtor

Most companies keep a contact book full of maintenance services, financial planners, marketing specialists, etc. But has your company ever considered developing a relationship with a relocation expert instead of choosing one at random? Relocating employees to a new location is not easy, so having a local relocation expert on your team is vital when it comes time to start the process.

A realtor is also a precious asset to your professional network, especially as a company. They have their own set of connections that could be beneficial for not only your company but also for your employees. Here are a few quick reasons why forming a relationship with a relocation realtor is essential.

1. Realtors Can Widen Your Network

Real estate agents usually have their own professional network within the industry. They have contacts for appraisers, contractors, moving companies, and more. Developing a relationship with a local individual realtor or an agency means widening your own professional network. 

For example, what if a company needs to determine the market value of one of their properties. Instead of scrounging the internet for a competent appraiser, the company could reach out to their realtor connection and find a good appraiser in seconds. 

2. They Offer an Individualized Service

Imagine that your company just hired a new employee. They live out of state, so you will need to relocate them into Atlanta. You are unfamiliar with the neighborhood your team is scouting for relocation, so you would feel better getting a professional opinion from someone who works in the neighborhood frequently. 

This is where an individualized service comes in. Because your trusted realtor connection is familiar with the area, they will be able to personalize their service according to your new employee’s needs. A realtor can offer you that personalized opinion, advice, clarity, etc. about your real estate decisions before you make them.

3. They Provide Location Assessments

Companies who hire employees from out of state will benefit from having a relationship with a relocation expert who really knows the local area. It makes the moving process simple for both company and the prospective employee. Your trusted real estate agent will be able to provide a highly knowledgeable assessment of the area, shining light on the best (and worst) locations to relocate to. 

4. Keep You Up to Date

Being friends with a realtor (or just having a realtor in your network) means staying in the loop on what’s going on in your area. They are the keyholders for all the top-secret, hush-hush real estate industry information that every company needs to know about. Laws, regulations, and market values fluctuate all the time, and it is hard to keep track of everything when your company is not directly involved in real estate. Make a professional connection and stay connected so your knowledge can be expanded.

5. Get Access to Special Deals

This benefit of connecting with a local realtor lies in special deals. Local agents will sometimes provide special deals for their clients- perhaps lower fees to offset the costs of working with them. Real estate agents are always on the hunt for the best value at the best price, so keep a realtor in your close circle to be notified of when those "golden properties" pop up for your relocation needs.

You can also snag deals on other moving services if you have a longstanding relationship with your realtor. These deals can include mortgage rates, moving services, cleaning services, appraisal, renovation, and more.

There is more opportunity out there than meets the eye. In the world of real estate, you never know who knows who, so it is best to make as many professional connections as you can to widen your network of contacts and make the best relocation choices for your employees. 

About Brian Benninghoff

As a Dunwoody, Georgia, resident for over 40 years and a full-time realtor for 16 years, Brian Benninghoff is highly versed in the inner workings of Atlanta real estate and relocation. Brian is known for his straightforward and authentic approach and is passionate about Atlanta and his expertise and thorough understanding of the ever-changing Atlanta market has branded him as a local expert and contributed to countless testimonials of client success. Benninghoff has sold over 500 homes in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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